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We believe that many property management companies take on more properties than they can handle. The value of the Owner is then seen as a number. The property management staff is over-stretched to accommodate efficiencies. The result of that situation: the Owner will feel a decline in personal availability with their property management company. At Touchstone Property Management, we will treat you as if you’re our only client. We value customer service and understand communication is vital, so a personal representative will always be available for any of your inquiries – including daily key performance indicators – about your investment. 

Many property management companies end up with on-site property management issues because they believe if they lower on-site management cost, then the Owner will be pleased. The problem is that quality and experience of on-site management should never be sacrificed. When quality and experience are sacrificed, delinquencies are high, vacancies are high, negative reviews are high, and renewals are low. These issues can simply be corrected by not sacrificing quality and experience of on-site management. The on-site manager is the face of the company, the face of your investment, and the face of a home.

Touchstone Property Management employs a high-standard of experienced on-site maintenance staff. This is important in order maintain high-level property standards for your investment, minimize compliance issues, maximize resident’s satisfaction, and to minimize the use of outside vendors – those outside vendors often have higher billable rates. For special instances where those outside vendor services are needed, we have established relationships with quality, local vendors – those established relationships help alleviate potential high, unknown costs.

Imagine, your interests are our interests. Your investment is treated with competence, quality and experience – factors that can’t be compromised.

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